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Welcome.  This site contains various bits of information about hobbyist UAVs.  See the links below for more, and videos here.

New:     'rx5808_etheli_diversity' Firmware

Firmware:  Betaflight Modification for 'vtx_' Settings and SetFreqByMHzMsp Support

ArduVidRx: Arduino-modified
   FPV video receiver +
   Android controller app

   FPV IMD Tools

Software Projects:   Cleanflight Tools & Patches   ArduPilot Patches & Misc   My GitHub 

Check it out:     DIY FPV Inductrix+ Build

MiniFTC The MiniFD
Micro Quad Brushed The ETFD2
X550AIOP Quadcopter  SK450KK2 Quadcopter

HK-500CMT Flybarless Bixler v1.1 FPV
Align T-Rex 450SA NEFPV Spec RaceWing
E-Flite Blade mCX E-Flite Mini Ultra Stick
Firefox Pixy 100 EPP Foam Combat Plane 28"
Ikarus ECO 7 Sport Flash 3D EPP
Megatech Horsefly
Leadfeather Yak 55
(aka Walkera Dragonfly #10)
E-Flite Eratix 3D 25e

GWS Slow Stick

Lightflite Bug

Mini Swift

BP Hobbies Fun Foam

Parkzone F-27C Stryker

DW Foamies Yak Junior

Check out my R/C videos

ETHeli on Facebook / Central Mass FPVers

5.8GHz FPV "Visual" Frequency Chart

Bob D's Test Data Files

DIY Video Power Filter Circuit

Misc manuals, files, etc

RSSI / Lost Packet Indicator

Turnigy 1/16 Brushless 4WD Racing Buggy

FlySky FS-GT3B 3-Channel Transmitter (old)

Walkera Transmitter-Simulator Setup (old)

I am a member of the Quinapoxet Model Flying Club and Wachusett R/C Flyers

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ET's Sphere of Influence

  LexieGlass:  Painted glass by Lex

  Check out RA Cores for Gremlins, foamies and more

My favorite hobby shop is Turn 4 HobbyTown

Mini Ultra Stick,  Slow Stick,  Flash 3D EPP,  Stryker,  R3D-mini,  T-Rex 450SA

FunJet, 3DHS EPP Edge, EPP Foam Combat (2), HK500, Mini Gremlin, Combat Corsair, Blade 130X, HobbyLobby F35

ET Heli