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ArduVidRx = Arduino + FPV Video Receiver

ArduVidRx is an open-source project that aims to create enhanced FPV video receivers that can be remotely operated, using an Android app or a CLI command set.  The firmware may be loaded (flashed) using XLoader (see here for directions), or built and loaded using the Arduino IDE or the Eclipse C++ IDE for Arduino.  The source code is posted here on GitHub, or here as a zip archive.

ArduVidRx Features:
Hardware Options:

Several hardware variations can be built, including using an RC832 receiver, a Realacc RX5808 Pro Diversity Receiver, or direct wiring to an RX5808 module.  With a Bluetooth module attached the receiver can be operated via an Android app.  See the ArduVidRx Hardware page and the Bluetooth Modules for ArduVidRx page.

See here for some preliminary doc files.

An rcgroups thread for the project is here:  https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?2887940

(For FPV goggle-module firmware that can be directly turned to a frequency in MHz, see the 'rx5808_etheli_diversity' Firmware for RX5808 Diversity Modules page on this site.)

app icon ArduVidRxController Android App

ArduVidRxController is an Android app for controlling an ArduVidRx receiver; a beta version is available here (click on the .apk file).  See ArduVidRxController on GitHub for its source code.  See here for instructions.

Here's a demo and walk-through of my ArduVidRx unit and Android controller app.  Forgot to mention that, on the first screen, you can use the "Test" button to run the app with no receiver connected.

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