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DIY Video Power Filter Circuit

Here's a basic L-C power-filtering circuit for FPV setups that is cheap and easy to build.  The amperage (A) rating of the 1000uH coil should be at least twice the needed current so that there's not too much of a voltage drop across the coil.

Here is a parts list:

Bourns 2124-H-RC INDUCTOR TORD 1.3A 1000UH HORZ M8818-ND  $2.22

CAP ALUM 470UF 25V 20% RADIAL P5155-ND  $0.41

CAP CER 100PF 2KV 10% RADIAL 1236PH-ND  $0.24

2124-H-RC coil listed above is rated at 1.3 amps and weighs about 14g.  For smaller setups (needing 250 milliamps or less), this lighter (3.3g) coil is a good option:

INDUCTOR 1000UH .5A RADIAL 445-3778-1-ND  $0.90

The voltage rating of the 470uF capacitor should be larger than the voltage fed into the circuit.

Here's a wiring rig using a 2124-H-RC coil and the two capacitors:

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