Align TRex 450SA

Here is some info on my Align T-Rex 450SA heli. The setup below (for $448.94) has everything but the receiver and battery. (And, of course, you'd need a heli-compatible transmitter.) It's easy to assemble; all you have to do is install the motor, ESC, servos and receiver.  As of March 2008, the 450SA combo can be found for $200.  When I bought it in June 2007 it was $270.

It's possible to get cheaper versions of some of the components, like a cheaper gyro or tail servo (could use S3114 for tail instead of S9650 Digital Servo). But the performance would be degraded a bit (tail would be a bit less "firm" and responsive).

The size of the cutouts for the 3 control servos are the same as a Hitec HS-55 servo (which can also be used, but the S3114 has better numbers). The S3114 servos are slightly short for the cutouts, but they can be made to fit by elongating the mounting holes on one end. Mine are in that way and have never loosened.

See below for some battery options.  I'm a big fan of the FMA Direct Cellpro batteries and chargers.


Align T-REX 450SA ARF Combo w/430L 3550 Motor & 35G ESC $199.99 ... =AGNH1100C ... ts_id=3127

GY401 Futaba Gyro with SMM Technology $138.00 ... cts_id=527

Futaba S9650 Digital Servo $54.99 ... cts_id=827

Futaba S3114 Micro HT Servo Qty 3 $40.97

MicroHeli Tail Servo Mount (for Futaba Digital S9650) $14.99 ... ts_id=1323

Total: $448.94

Receiver Options:

HDX Full Range 6CH Digital Single Conversion DSP Receiver 72mHz $17.95 ... ts_id=2172

HDX Single Conversion Crystal 72mHz $2.99 ... ts_id=2887

Castle Creations Berg 7P 7Ch FM $51.99 ... ts_id=1715

Castle Creations Micro Crystal Berg $6.79 ... I=LXMAH4** ... ts_id=1808

Recommended Accessories:

HRPoly X Visual/Audio Lipo Low Voltage Warning Device $27.99

HobbyWing Switchable U-BEC 3A 5/6V V3 $11.99 ... ts_id=4405 ... ts_id=1449

Magnetic Ring K10331A $1.99 ... ts_id=1725

Battery Options:

Cellpro Revolution LiPo Battery Pack 2100mAh 11.1V 18C $47.95

Cellpro Revolectrix Lipo Battery Pack 2200mAh 11.1V 25C $69.95

MEGA POWER Li-Po Battery 2100mAH 11.1V $47.95 ... ts_id=2145 ... ts_id=1819 ... ts_id=1817

GForce 20C 1800mAh 11.1V LiPo $25.99

GForce 20C 2250mAh 11.1V LiPo $30.99

Charger options:

FMA Direct Cellpro 4S, 4 AMP Cell Balancing Charger $74.95

FMA Direct Cellpro Revolectrix 10s, 10 Amp Cell Balancing Charger $189.95


FMA Direct sells this power supply for the Cellpro 4S charger:

This power supply would also work with the Cellpro 4S charger:
Thunder Power Switching Power Supply 12V Output 5 Amp $28.99

If you soldered 4mm bullet connectors onto the wires then the 4S would plug right in.

FMA Direct sells this 28-amp power supply for the Cellpro 10S charger:

This Radio Shack power supply would also work with the Cellpro 10S charger:
25-Amp Switching DC Power Supply 22-510 $109.99


Cheaper gyro:
Telebee/Zoom Head Lock Gyro $59.99 ... cts_id=494

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