Parkzone F-27C Stryker

The Parkzone F-27C Stryker is very fast; very fun to fly; its prop sound is awesome. This 37" flying wing cuts through the wind like you wouldn't believe, and is easy to land. So on windy, gusty days, when no other electric planes dare go up, I launch my Stryker.

I got the PNP (aka "receiver ready") version. As of 6/2008, it sells for $160, except at one place, Ultimate Hobbies, where they have it for $135 (I don't how they do it). They were a bit slow on getting it to me (ordered on Sunday, shipped out on Thursday, arrived on the next Wednesday; so 8 business days / 10 calendar days). The site had free shipping for orders over $150, so I basically got it for $135.

It's made of what they call "Z-foam", which is definitely stronger than styrofoam. The Z-foam is less flexible than EPP foam, so it's more brittle but needs less reinforcement. There is a carbon-fiber rod embedded in the bottom of each wing for extra strength. So far (after maybe a dozen or so flights) I've had no breaks or cracks (but the worst thing I've done to it is a hard nose-in to the ground after a bad hand-launch). The bottom of the plane seems to be weathering the belly-on-grass landings quite well.

I put in a Futaba R617FS 7-Channel 2.4GHz Receiver and an HRPoly-X Low-Voltage Warning Device (setup to start flashing and beeping at 9.9V). I mounted the HRPoly-X on the bottom, as shown in these pics:


Using Cellpro 3S 2100mAh 18C LiPo batteries. The Stryker comes setup with a pre-installed antenna extension wire for 72MHz receivers (which I cut off). I made a cable to convert their EC3 battery connector to a Deans (and parallel in the voltage-warning device). I moved the speed controller back a ways from their stock location by cutting a bit more room in the "floor" of the fuselage and mounting it vertically. This allowed me to get good spacing between the speed controller and the receiver.


The Stryker is hand launched, and it's better to start the motor after letting go of the plane to avoid contact with the prop. On my Futaba 7C transmitter, I've setup a P-MIX on a switch to add some up-elevator, which I activate before launching and turn off once it's in the air. The launching is easier when there's some wind to throw it into.

I'm using an APC 6x5.5E prop (instead of the stock 6x4 prop).  It provides a noticeable increase in speed, with only a slightly higher current draw.  To put on the 6x5.5E prop, you need to ream it out to about 7mm and install it with the writing facing forward.  (I reamed it to the middle section of the Fox Metric Prop Reamer).

At some point I may try adding in rudders like what this guy did.

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Got a nice 4-cell upgrade running on my Styker -- significant increase in speed and vertical performance.  After upgrading the motor on my Hobby Lobby F-35 jet, I put the old motor into the Stryker.  It's a 28mm diameter outrunner, so I had to open up the motor mount a bit with a dremel tool (sanding attachment).  This gives the motor's bell enough room to spin (barely).  I also did a lot of reinforcing around the motor mount with packing tape.

I measured the full-throttle static power at about 48 amps and 650 watts.  Flight time (with a lot of full-throttle speed passes) was about 4-5 minutes.  Motor and speed controller don't even seem hot after flights.  Here is my current power setup:

Free Wing 2750KV For 70mm Ducted fan 4s F90139  $22.14

Hobbyking SS Series 40-50A ESC HK-SS50A  $10.70

TURNIGY 3A UBEC w/ Noise Reduction TR-UBEC  $7.27

APC 5x5 Speed 400 Electric Propeller LX1678  $1.89

ZIPPY Flightmax 2200mAh 4S1P 30C Z22004S-30  $19.99

Alternate battery:

Turnigy 2200mAh 4S 30C Lipo Pack T2200.4S.30  $23.99

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