FlySky FS-GT3B 3-Channel Transmitter

The FlySky FS-GT3B is a great transmitter at a great price.  One thing, though, is that with the stock firmware the 'expo' function is non-operational (unless the manufacturer has fixed it).  The firmware can be upgraded to a new version that fixes the 'expo' function and adds lots of great functionality.  The trickiest part of the upgrade is that you need to solder in a 4-pin header connector, but it's not that hard to do.  Below is a collection of links for the FS-GT3B, including information on upgrading.  The firmware file I used was the "gt3b-ch3-0.4.1.s19".

FlySky FS-GT3B Digital 3ch 2.4ghz TX & RX LCD Transmitter & Receiver  $39.95

FlySky Extra FS-GTR 3 Channel R/C Car 2.4Ghz Receiver 79P-GR3C  $7.40
  receiver:  FS-GR3C  (available on eBay)

Hobby King GT-2 2.4Ghz Receiver 3Ch HK-GT2_RX  $5.66

FlySky GT3b Hack Tech Thread

HOW TO: Reprogram the GT3B Radio

Installation instructions from OverkillRC site:,%20Draft%202.1.pdf

OverkillRC GT3B Hack Firmware Kit  $25.00

Digi-Key 497-10040-ND

GT3B Volt Reg  $12.50
RECOM R-785.0-0.5
Digi-Key 945-1037-ND

4 pin 90* Header  $0.75

12" 4 Pin Female-Female Extension  $6.00

GT3B Bearing Mod (ST Wheel)  $4.00

Firmware file "gt3b-ch3-0.4.1.s19":

Manual for  "gt3b-ch3-0.4.1.s19":

gt3b releases on github:

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