Lightflite Bug

The Lightflite Bug is a fun little foam plane that can turn on a dime and fly happily in small spaces. I often hand toss it off my porch and fly around the backyard, ending with a hand catch (when I don't miss).

The Bug is made of EPP foam and carbon rods; very damage resistant. It tends to bounce and come back for more. With less fear about crashing, you can really push the envelope and pratice things like inverted flight.

Its two servos on the bottom run the elevons, which provide both elevator and aileron control. (Requires a transmitter with "elevon" mixing.)

I put a couple of LED lights on my Bug -- see pics. The LEDs are Radio Shack 276-316, wired via 470-ohm resistors through a switch and into the main battery wires. They're quite bright; so bright in fact they're blinding if you look straight into them. Because of that I actually face them backward, which also lights up more of the plane. For the wiring, I used a bit of thin wire from a set of earbud headphones. I cut the LED leads short, soldered on the wire ends, wrapped each lead separately with a bit of black electrical tape, and then put heat-shrink wrap around both leads together.

I've replaced the stock wheels with GWS 3" Ultra-Light Wheels, and I'm using Futaba S3114 servos on the elevons (instead of the stock Tower Pro 5g servos, which became jittery). This Robart 169B Pressure Tubing can be used for repairs around the landing gear.

There's a good discussion forum for the Bug on rcgroups, here:


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