Flash 3D EPP

The Flash 3D EPP is a great plane for practicing 3D maneuvers, inverted and knife-edge flight, or just fooling around in the air. Super maneuverable; hovers great; hard to break; easy to fix using UHU Por (aka Creativ) glue on the foam (also at HL). Guys who have flown a lot of 3D foamies rave about how this plane flies.

It's available from these sites (prices as of 5/5/2010):
http://www.nesail.com/detail.php?productID=5654   $109.99
http://www.soaringusa.com/products/product.htm?product_id=16738   $105.99
http://icare-rc.com/flash.htm   $89.00

Here's my setup:

Motor: BP A2212-13 Brushless Outrunner
Speed Control: HobbyWing 18A Pentium ESC (BP 18A Brushless ESC would also work)
Battery: Rhino 1050mAh 3S1P 30C LiPo
Servos (4): Futaba S3114
BEC (6V): HobbyWing Switchable U-BEC 3A 5/6V
Low-voltage alarm: HRPoly-X Visual/Audio Lipo Low Voltage Warning Device (the cheaper Doohan or HobbyKing voltage alarms would also work OK)
Prop: APC 10x5E

Cheaper alternative parts that would also work:  HXT900 servos, HobbyKing SS 18A ESC and Turnigy BEC.

I found it to be an easy build. The ailerons and elevator are pre-hinged. Carbon-fiber rods are glued in to reinforce the foam. After breaking the horizontal stabilizer, I added in a carbon-fiber rod. I used 6-minute epoxy for most of the build (and thin CA to mount the carbon-fiber rods and strips).

For the aileron servos, I put in 4-40 blind nuts and used pieces of firm plastic as mounting straps; Dubro micro XL servo arms, and Dubro mini E/Z connectors. For the elevator and rudder servo setups, I also used pieces of firm plastic as mounting straps, and a Dubro micro pull-pull system. Hot glue would also be a good option for servo mounting.

The stock rudder setup uses CA hinges. After breaking one, I went to using Dubro Micro E/Z Hinges (#937), which I think work better with the pull-pull setup.

For the motor mount, the directions call for pushing toothpicks into the foam and gluing them to the mounting plate. I wanted to be able to remove the motor via nuts, so I glued 4-40 bolts (with the head cut off) into carbon-fiber tubes, and glued the tubes into the foam. The motor-mounting plate then is attached via 4-40 lock nuts.

Here's a gallery of pics.

rcgroups Flash thread

Weight of my Flash:
No battery: 14.8oz / 420g
With Rhino 1050mAh battery: 18.3oz / 520g

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