GWS Slow Stick

Here's is some build info for a GWS Slow Stick I've been flying. I initially built this plane to have something for my son to learn on and to be a mellow flyer, and it has worked well for that, but I've also found it to be great plane to fool around with in the back yard; it's more manuverable than I expected.

I've mounted aileron servos on my Slow Stick. I did it nice and simple, cutting out the pre-fabbed aileron indentations and mounting two servos via double-stick servo tape and packing tape. Using Futaba S3114 servos, Dubro Mini E/Z Connectors, Dubro Micro XL Servo Arms, extra control horns from the Slow Stick kit, and 3M Blenderm tape for hinges. At this point I have the wing with about 10 degrees of dihedral, so the ailerons do not have a huge effect, but they still make the plane more agile. I have their throws really maxed out, to about 60 degrees of travel each way, to get as much as I can out of them.
At some point I'll try using a wing with no dihedral (flat).

Using Hitec HS-55 servos and Dubro Mini E/Z Connectors for elevator/rudder control, and 3M Blenderm tape for hinges. I have the control throws for the elevator and rudder maxed out as far as I can get them.

I use a 110g MegaPower 1350mAH 15C 11.1V Li-Po battery, mounted with velcro on the battery and on the bottom of the fuselage boom, and I use velcro straps. With this setup I can stick the battery anywhere that's required to get a good center-of-gravity.

My original setup was with the stock brushed/geared EPS-400C/BB 'D' motor and a Great Planes ElectriFly C-12 speed controller. I've since upgraded to a brushless setup using a BP 8YSS CD-ROM Outrunner Motor and a BP 18A speed controller (combo deal was $30.50). I had to add a couple of holes to the plastic gearbox housing that comes with the motor to get the motor mounted to it, but after that it went right onto the fuselage stick (I hold it on with a screw and nut). Using a prop saver and a 10x4.7 slow-flyer prop. I definitely recommend this brushless setup; it gives more power, longer flight times (10-15 minutes) and is quieter. With a punch of the throttle I can easily go from level flight into a loop.

Here is a gallery of pics of my Slow Stick:

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Slow Stick on Skis

The length on the "axles" was a bit too short on the original landing-gear wire, so I took 19.25" of 0.078" music wire and shaped it like the original landing-gear wire but with 1.125" long axles.  Using a drill, I enlarged the holes in the collars for the skis to make them fit the music wire.

The skis are Dubro Snow Skis Park Flyer (2). For the rear "ski", I bent some thinner music wire like the original one on the tail wheel except with a rectangular "foot" instead of an axle.  Then I put on a few layers of packing tape to make the "ski".

This thing is great to fool around with in the snow; you can take off and land in very tight places.  Taxiing is fun as well; you can drive it right up steep hills.

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