ETFD2 Motor Mounts

Here are CAD views and pics of the ETFD2 motor mounts:

Here is an STL format file for the mounts:  ETFD2_MotorMount.stl
The file contains two sets of the motor-mount halves, so fabricating two copies will produce the four total motor mounts.

The diameter of the outer circle is 45mm; the diameter of the center hole is 16mm.  Thinkness is 6mm, and the openings for the struts are 7mm x 2.4mm.

The four holes for the 4-40 screws are 3mm diameter and need to match the X-mount for the motor.
  The original design was for a different motor with an X-mount hole-to-hole distance of 35.5mm (measured through the center of the X-mount).  The KDA20-28M motor has an X-mount hole-to-hole distance of 33mm, so I ended up opening up the holes on the mount plate with a dremel tool.  (An alternate method would be to not have the four holes, drill small holes later and attach the X-mount with tapered machine screws.)

See here for more information on 3D printing (from my friend who did the printing).

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