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Cleanflight Patch:
Port of refactored beeper code

The beeper/buzzer on my MiniFTC

Note:  This patch has now been implemented in the released Cleanflight code version 1.9.0 and later.

The Cleanflight project had the pending issue #648 Port refactored beeper code, so I've worked on implementing it.  The resulting patch (pull request) is posted as Port of refactored beeper code #669.

There are now arm and disarm tones.  While the copter is armed and not flying, the beeper chirps to warn the operator.  If the arm/disarm is via the control stick, holding the stick in the disarm position will make the disarm tone repeat.  This can be used as a lost-model locator.  These changes should address issue #317 Beep to sound on arm/disarm.

There is now a special arming tone used if a GPS fix has been attained, and there's a "ready" tone sounded after a GPS fix has been attained (only happens once).  The tone sounded via the TX-AUX-switch will count out the number of satellites (if GPS fix).  There is now a beep when changing the flight mode (issue #647).

Other indicator beeps (like up/down adjustments and rate profile changes via transmitter switch) should operate the same as before.  The low and critical-battery sounds are now longer tones.

This update is due to be merged into Cleanflight v1.9.x, but if folks want to try it out before then there is a '.hex' file posted below.  Note that this firmware requires the development-version 0.63.x of the Cleanflight Configurator GUI, from here.

Firmware file for Naze32:  cleanflight_NAZE_v1.8.1_et_refactoredBeeperCode_181_1_20150404_1.hex

(If you'd like firmware files for other boards posted, let me know.)

Note:  This firmware file should be considered a beta-test release and is to be used at your own risk.

Complete source code:  cleanflight_v1.8.1_et_refactoredBeeperCode_181_1_20150404_1.zip

If you have questions/comments or find this patch useful, please let me know.

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